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When Baek jokes that Soo looks old in the photograph - Tom & Jerry bros

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luhan trying to prove that he’s sexy

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before and two years after.

remember how everyone was awkward and nervous in front of their first audience? remember how suho made a mistake on the synchronization of the group? and now look at the difference. still not in sync but they have more confidence. look at how those 2 years changed them all for good <3

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I love Kai’s passion even if he does look possessed half the time

I love Kai’s passion even if he does look possessed half the time

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her love, her love..

her love, her love..

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*run into kai’s arm and snuggle forever*

*run into kai’s arm and snuggle forever*

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taekai needing not one, but two hugs from each other when they were crying

Taemin and Kai hugging each other. This shows how close they became during their trainee days until now. Sure Jongin knows what Taemin feels (and vice versa) ever since and he’s just too happy that finally they are on the same stage receiving awards ❤️

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OT12 in Japan

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suho trying to cheer on jongin but ends up hurting him instead 

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kai - hello greeting in japan

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kyungsoo’s face when the claw machine wouldn’t cooperate with him

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jongin being weird while playing jenga

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