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jongin telling fans to shield themselves from the rain (he was the last person to leave the stage because he was too busy running around, telling fans to use an umbrella or whatever they could so they wouldn’t get wet. he also slipped (almost fell) twice because the stage was so slippery and wet) ©

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jongin intensely lip syncing to the chinese version of wolf and then suddenly stopping when tao’s lyrics were too fast for him

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Jongdae using simple English to explain about crematorium

crematorium: a mortuary where corpses are cremated

What a dork

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Yixing was about to say 'Byun-Xing' but his accent make it sound like 병신 (byung-shin) which from word to word, means 'a jerk' , 'an a**hole' or 'stupid'


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(¬‿¬) can i pls sit on your lap 

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puppyeol struggling with his hood + a mesmerized jongin

puppyeol struggling with his hood + a mesmerized jongin

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yixing’s way of showing his affection towards the members

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chanyeol's first time driving with passengers~

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there are 2 types of people

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Q: Which member have a weird habit that can’t be understand?

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the battle of super power between tao and luhan got a winner

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cheating at its finest

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the progression of his beautiful gross laugh

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